History of the Coffee-Making Machine

MUMAC takes you through a 100 years espresso coffee machine history, from 1912 to this day and is also a tribute to its creators. Without them, the sector would not have become a strong component of Made in Italy, a national pride, which ranks our country among the largest manufacturers worldwide.

The museum features over 200 coffee machines, from which almost 100 are on display. The collection brings together both the Enrico Maltoni and the Cimbali private collections, respectively 150 and 50 pieces. Accurate restoration has been undertaken on all coffee machines.  MUMAC is enriched with an historical archive of 25,000 documents, of which 15,000 have been catalogued and digitalised by the ISEC Foundation, the Institute of Contemporary Age History (Istituto per la Storia dell’Età Contemporanea) in Sesto San Giovanni, a city close to Milan.

The coffee machines are displayed in a way to recall the social context and the cultural atmosphere through different periods, by means of material, furniture, pictures, video and auditory effects.  In various areas touchscreen displays are available to navigate through MUMAC’s rich archive, with the possibility to send the documents of interest to ones own email address.

The museum’s guided tour, which traces back the evolution of the coffee machine, begins in the Hall, with an introduction at the entrance. This is a large bright space, next to the reception and the cafeteria. Three multimedia displays entice the visitor to use the archive’s content, which includes approximately 15,000 documents of various types and origins, guiding and introducing him to an exceptional experience.

For centuries, Turkish coffee has been prepared by using copper cezve, pots or samovar. It was the only way to enjoy coffee, despite having the fastidious inconvenience of residual grounds in the mouth. In the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century, in Europe there was a rush to find new ways to prepare a good coffee. Many patents were filed. At those times the requirements to prepare coffee in a simpler, quicker way and improve the beverage’s quality increased. By the end of the Nineteenth Century, the much-longed solution was finally discovered: the espresso coffee-making machine.

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